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Marcy Clark

A New York City based Publicist and Event Planner, Marcy is the Founder of Marcy Clark PR and Events, a boutique PR and Events Consultancy. Marcy has worked on brand development, consumer outreach and public relations campaigns from California to the U.K. with a variety of clients in cities such as Manchester, London, Edinburgh and New York. Her areas of expertise include publicizing fashion designers, artists, jewelry and accessory brands, interior designers, furniture studios and luxury lifestyle products and services. She has secured placements in top media outlets such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The New York Post, Reuters, Glamour, Elle, Vogue, Lucky, Time Out New York, Perez Hilton, Fashion Tribes, NBC, CBS, ABC, WGN, Business Talk Radio, Bloomberg Radio and NYC TV.

A social maven, Marcy founded the Women’s Mafia social club and serves as a chair on various non-profit event councils and committees, including serving as a co-chair for GLAAD’s prestigious Annual Art Auction. The connections she garners in the PR, Events, Non-Profit and Arts worlds give her great pull and influence to use for client and Women’s Mafia events. Venues and brands like to work with Marcy Clark PR & Events because they understand how to bring collaborators together on a project and ensure everyone gets peerless branding and sales results.

Some of the world’s most renowned international PR Firms also hire Marcy to work with their tech, fashion and lifestyle clients including Spark PR, Lightspeed PR and Cherish PR.

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